Husqvarna, renowned worldwide for its top-notch mowers, enjoys trust from homeowners globally. Though resembling American craftsmanship, not all Husqvarna products hail from the US. The company’s manufacturing prowess extends across various global locations.

This piece serves as your comprehensive guide to Husqvarna mower production. Delve into the company’s background, discover the diverse production sites, and unveil the array of Husqvarna products crafted in these facilities. Gain invaluable insights to aid your journey in procuring Husqvarna merchandise.

The Brand of Lawn Mowers Husqvarna

For over three centuries, the Husqvarna group has stood resilient, initially crafting firearms until 1989 when it shifted its focus to home and industrial equipment. Among its diverse offerings are cultivators, chainsaws, brush cutters, and garden tractors. Remarkably, the company’s journey includes forays into sewing machines (1872), kitchen equipment (1874), bicycles (1896), and motorcycles (1903), before venturing into lawnmower production in 1919.

Husqvarna, a publicly traded entity, is not owned by any singular individual but rather allows ownership through shares. Notably, major stakeholders include Investor AB and Lundeberg’s.

While renowned for its mowers, Husqvarna garners global acclaim for their durability and reliability. Despite often bearing a higher price tag compared to competitors, their superior quality translates to reduced repair costs, making them a favored choice among homeowners worldwide.

Where Husqvarna Mowers are made?

Husqvarna, a premier brand, distributes its products globally, operating factories in North America, Europe, and Asia to meet increasing demand.

Hailing from its birthplace in Sweden, Husqvarna operates production facilities in Husqvarna itself, crafting zero-turn mowers and a range of outdoor equipment. But the brand’s global footprint extends beyond its Nordic roots.

With six manufacturing hubs in China, Husqvarna capitalizes on the country’s cost-effective production landscape. Here, a diverse array of Husqvarna products takes shape, destined for customers worldwide, particularly those seeking more budget-friendly options.

Yet, it’s the United States where Husqvarna truly flexes its manufacturing muscle. With six plants scattered across the nation, including Georgia, Orangeburg, and McRae, over half of the company’s production unfolds in the USA. This hefty presence often leads to misconceptions about the brand’s ownership, with many assuming it’s purely American.

Nevertheless, Husqvarna maintains a global approach to production. While its origins lie in Sweden, the company also conducts manufacturing operations in Germany, France, Brazil, and other Scandinavian nations. In essence, Husqvarna’s production network spans the globe, ensuring its products reach every corner of the market.

Where Husqvarna Mowers are Made?

where husqvarna mowers are made

Lawnmowers comprise an amalgamation of various distinct components, necessitating a comprehensive manufacturing process. Typically, they do not originate solely from one entity. Take, for example, Husqvarna, which produces the majority of its mower parts with the notable exception of engines. Historically, Norrahamar Motors supplied engines for vintage Husqvarna models, though this arrangement has since changed. While Husqvarna has begun manufacturing its own engines, this practice does not extend across all its mower models.

The decision to refrain from producing all engines in-house is influenced by the industry’s dynamics. Amidst growing concerns over environmental pollution attributed to engine manufacturing, Husqvarna opts to delegate this aspect of production to external sources rather than assume direct responsibility. Moreover, satisfying consumer demands while simultaneously managing engine production and assembling other components presents logistical challenges.

Husqvarna outsources its engines to companies such as Kohler, Briggs & Stratton, Honda, and Kawasaki due to several reasons. However, these companies solely produce combustion engines for Husqvarna mowers. As mentioned earlier, Husqvarna manufactures its electric engines.

What Kind of Mowers are Husqvarna Making?

Husqvarna offers a diverse range of mowers, catering to various needs. From riding lawn mowers such as the TS 354XD, TS 248XD, and TS148XK, to innovative robotic mowers like the AUTOMOWER 430X SELF INSTALL.

Additionally, they provide Zero Turn lawnmowers like the MZ 54 and MZ 61, as well as walk-behind and push mowers like the W520. You can find all these quality mowers at Husqvarna stores or other reputable lawn mower outlets.

Why Invest in Husqvarna Lawn Mowers?

Every brand desires a product with rapid market uptake. Husqvarna lawnmowers epitomize excellence through meticulous production methods, establishing them as unparalleled in quality. Renowned for reliability and user-friendliness, their mowers exemplify superior craftsmanship.

Husqvarna’s warranty terms rank among the nation’s finest, a testament to their product excellence. These mowers boast simplicity in operation, complemented by a range of accessories such as sprayers, spreaders, and lawn rollers.

Expect Husqvarna mowers to feature ergonomic seats, intuitive controls, directional precision, and pedal-operated speed. Should any issues arise, assistance is readily accessible via the Husqvarna Connect app.

While Husqvarna mowers may carry a premium price tag compared to counterparts, their exceptional performance outweighs the cost. Instances of dissatisfaction typically stem from personal preferences or inadequate customer service, rather than inherent flaws in the machinery.


That wraps up everything you might want to know about the creators behind Husqvarna mowers. These mowers are born from various manufacturing facilities spread across the globe. On the official website, you can pinpoint the company responsible for crafting specific product engines through their descriptions.

The primary hub for Husqvarna’s production lies within the United States, with Sweden and China closely following suit. While there are production plants in other countries, they don’t carry the same weight as those in the US, China, and Sweden. It’s worth noting that these same production plants are utilized to manufacture mowers for Husqvarna’s other product lines.

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